Friday, November 4, 2011

1878 Harvey Metcalf Obituary

Died~~At his resident in Handy, on the 28th day of March, 1878, Harvey Metcalf, 84 years of age.

Mr. Metcalf was born in the state of Massachussetts, where he resided until the year of 1825; he then came west and settled in Geneseo, Livingston county, N.Y., where he engaged in the livery business. In the year of 1831, he married Miss Everline Adams, daughter of Mr. Amos Adams, so favorably known as one of the first settlers of Howell, and our first county surveyor, etc. His wife still survives him. In the spring of 1836, he came through Canada on his way to Michigan with a span of horses and wagon, and during the summer of that year built a log house, the second in the town, on Sec. 11, near the site of the house in which he died. Mrs. Metcalf came in September of 1836, when they moved into their house, the second family in the town. Mr. Metcalf lived a long and industrious life, clearing up a farm of 160 acres, mostly with his own hands. He never aspired to public office other than to serve as a soldier in the war of 1812, but proved himself a worthy and desirable citizen, a good and kind neighbor and an honest man.

Mr. Metcalf has raised a family of sons and daughters, the most of whom reside in and about our town and are an honor to their parents. The death of Mr. Metcalf, who leaves a large circle of friends to mourn his loss, leaves but one of the first settlers of Handy to follow. Thus passeth away the pioneers of Handy!

Soon the voice of the last one will be hushed in death never to be heard again.

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