Thursday, November 17, 2011

1878 Pioneer Sketch - Part 12

The previous eleven portions of the Pioneer Sketch by Ralph Fowler were printed in one week's issue of The Fowlerville Review. Today begins another segment of his remembrances, verbatim as published.

Our township had so populated that during the winter of '38 we organized and called it Handy, after Calvin Handy, the first settler. Our town then numbered 14 voters and we had a blacksmith shop, the first in the town, kept by Elizer Tucker.

The first officers of the township were Ralph Fowler, for Supervisor; John B. Fowler and Wm. Benjamin, for Justices of the Peace; Howell H. Briggs and Dennis Conrad, for Commissioners; Richard P. Bush, for Town Clerk; Ruel Randall, for Constable and Collector.

Tomorrow, crops, prosperity and hope.

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DCE Motorsports said...

I suspect that the "14 voters" were male only. I wonder how old a young man had to be so he could vote in the community?