Monday, November 14, 2011

1878 Pioneer Sketch - Part 9

In the morning, we got some more corn, venison and tea. We found we were on Mr. T's land, it being the north half of section 22. By this time, he was not so very particular about lines; his land had nearly lost its value. We started for home, concluding to take the trail on the north side of Cedar river. We traveled until setsun; came to an Indian camp some three miles east of Williamston, and stayed over night with the Indians, and got home the next day about noon.

As we entered the house, Mr. T. threw off his coat and hat, and said, 'Mrs. Fowler, give us something to eat, for the Lord's sake, and I will go to bed.'

She did so, and we went to bed and slept till the next morning. He got up in the morning and says, 'Mr. Fowler, if you will give me government price for my land, on ten year's time, it's yours.'

His toes were out of his cloth shoes, and he was generally used up. He did not come to see his land again until the capitol was located at Lansing, then I think he sold it to Bush, Thomas and Lee for $9,000.

Tomorrow, Mr. Fowler speaks of some of the next few years.

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