Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1878 Pioneer Sketch - Part 18

This was done in order to get the mail route changed from the north route to the line of the Grand River road, which first named route ran from Howell to Okemos, north of the north bend of the Cedar river leaving Fowlerville and Williamston off the line several miles. Mr. Seymour, of Lansing, myself and Geo. Curtis, of this place and K.L. of Howell, put on the line of the Grand River road a stage from Howell to Lansing -- out one day and back the next.

We left no man to go the old route for want of money or low prices. We run this stage over one year. It consisted of a pair of horses and a lumber wagon. After we had accomplished our boject and got a post office at Fowlerville and Williamston, we sold out and settled up. I kept a man and team on the road over one year; I lost one horse that cost me $125, and owed the company $10 -- I came off far the best of any one of the company.

This was during the year 1842 to 1847, and during those years, our town continued to settle very rapidly and we had from 80 to 100 voters.

Tomorrow the beginnings of the plank road.

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