Monday, July 9, 2012

1961 125th Celebration

A year ago, the centennial committee, many merchants and churches, the fairgrounds, and I were busy with the 175th celebration of the arrival of Ralph Fowler to the area.  It was a busy, fun, and very hot and humid time but -- as I look back a year ago -- great fun.  There were events at the Centennial and Community parks, a stirring parade, and wonderful fireworks; all combined with people wandering around.  A very sociable event.

Now a year later, I was loaned a special edition copy of a well-preserved paper that was published in 1961, for the 125th celebration.  When I first started working on The Fowlerville Chronicles, I found a copy of this paper and gleaned quite a bit of information from it.  Now, a couple years later, as I looked through this paper, I was amazed at all of the great information to be found. 

Because of that, over the next couple of weeks, I will be showing articles from that paper.  Enjoy the articles, advertisements, trivia, and anything extra I might add.

Following begins an article that will run over the next two days:

The conclusion of this article will be shown tomorrow.

Although this article is not credited to anyone in particular, it was probably written by Nellie Glenn, with much of the information obtained from an 1880 history of the county.  Nellie Glenn's writings are preserved in the historical collection and shows the great interest she had in making sure Fowlerville's history was not lost.  As a matter of fact, shortly before her death in the late 1970s, she was honored by the state legislature for her work.

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