Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Channel for ALS - "Lou Gehrig's Disease"

I recently had the pleasure of working up a special embroidery project for six ladies from Ann Arbor who are going to attempt to swim the English Channel -- there and back again -- for a good cause, all the while trying to break the previous record of over 18 hours.  They are taking with them red jackets and light blue sweatshirts with a ton of embroidery on them, and it makes me feel humble that I'm a part of, if only through the luck of having the opportunity to do the embroidery (which, by the way, is my day job).  Following is what the back of the blue shirts looks like:

As you can see, Michigan Rehabilitation Specialists is one of their biggest sponsors -- many of you may know Scott and Ashley Weaver.  They are the owners of the Fowlerville facilities -- one of over a dozen MRS clinics in the state.

I have known and know someone with this devastating disease and, if these ladies can raise awareness along with some funds for research, they get my support!  If you would like to read more on their adventure, click here for the website.  What an amazing endeavor!  Good luck ladies!