Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 Fireworks

I've never tried to take pictures of fireworks and, as it turns out, is really quite difficult to do.  Following are the best of the lot that I took; the first two at the start of the celebration, the next two sometime in the middle, and the last three are part of the finale. 

We had a video camera with us and shot the finale -- if you head to the "Video" page, you can click on a link.  I uploaded the video to YouTube.  

And now, one final picture of Fowlerville's Fourth of July celebration.  As we waited for the evening to get to full dark and have the fireworks begin, my husband and I set up chairs, a light dinner, and figured out some good conversation, all next to one of the lagoons at the wastewater plant.  We watched (and listened to) big green frogs, saw a muskrat doing both back strokes and front crawl in the water, and kept track of the clouds that eventually disappeared, leaving a starry night.

One final note -- I would like to thank my friend that made it happen that we were able to watch the fireworks very close up and personal.  It was a treat I won't forget for a very long time.