Thursday, July 12, 2012

1961 How Fowlerville Was Named

As I continue to post the front page articles of a special edition paper that was printed by The Fowlerville Review for the 125th celebration in Fowlerville in 1961, these two articles offer a ton of information to anyone interested in the history of this village. 

The longer article explains the many contributions Ralph Fowler gave to this community in the hopes of settling and growing the area.  It, no doubt, was a natural progression to name the settlement after him when it was incorporated in 1851.
The smaller article, "Cornet Band Honored at Reason House," is hard to read so following is that article:

In September of 1876, a Band Benefit was held at the Reason House.  No pains had been spared by the ladies in preparing the dinner in appreciation of the band on all occasions.  Mr. J.C. Ellsworth, G.L. Adams and J.B. Turner offered a flowery set of resolution in appreciation.  The food included chicken pie, cold meats, hot pork and beans, two huge cakes, decorated -- "Coronet Band and Fowlerville Coronet Band" -- and were made by the local bakery inscribed, "A Tune for the Baking."

The three names mentioned in this article are names I have become well-acquainted with while doing research.

J.C. Ellsworth was a pioneer banker in the village.

J.B. Turner was an early merchant and soon became a judge in the county.

G.L. Adams -- whom I know the best -- helped to start The Fowlerville Review in 1874, only two years earlier.  The biography I have published, Through the Eyes of a Country Editor, is such a comprehensive look at his life and writings and I so very much enjoyed putting it together.  To the point, I wish I could have met this dynamic yet humble man.  

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