Friday, July 13, 2012

1961 Celebration Program

Okay, so the 125th celebration may have been 50 years ago, but are there any of my wonderful readers that might have been there -- that remember this village-wide party like it was yesterday?  I would love to hear from you through e-mail or have you post a comment. 

As I look through the names listed below for the Sunday program, many are very familiar to me after doing as much research as I have.

~~Mary Finlan was half of the duo (with her sister) that composed "Purple and Gold" as the school song.

~~Erwin Haire was the owner of Haire Appliances in the village.

~~Riby Holmes was a school teacher as well as partnering with Ken Tannar in the grain elevator business.

~~Frank Curtis had the grocery store in town.

~~Charles Hills was the band directory.

If you search on nearly any name in this program, you will find articles and pictures.

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Karin said...

My grandfather was Erwin Haire, owner of Haire Appliance. I wish I would have found this website years ago, I would love to buy a copy of your Chronicles book!