Sunday, July 15, 2012

1961 Tonica Tavern Article

This is just an awesome and very informative article.  The next time you head east on Grand River from the main four corners, going one block, look at the southeast corner of East Grand River and South Second Street.  In 1842, it was a wide-open field of 160 acres, belonging to the estate of John B. Fowler.  Mary and Ralph Fowler inherited it and eventually it was subdivided for homes.

But, at the very corner, in the late 1800s, the Tonica Tavern stood.  In the following article, you can read how the land has changed hands and who had businesses at this corner.  Currently, the smallest building at the corner serves as a law office.  

Two congratulatory ads were on the same page as the Tonica Tavern in the 125th Special Edition -- one promoting the airfield where the first few Dawn Patrols were held, the second from the owners of the Elm's Restaurant.  The Elm's was located at about where Lucky's Pub has been.

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