Thursday, October 4, 2012

1905 L.S. Palmerton Thievery

Yesterday's post was about L.S. Palmerton's lunchroom.  As I continued to peruse some articles from The Fowlerville Review in 1905, the following blurb caught my eye:

The other evening as L.S. Palmerton was peacefully slumbering, he was awakened by hearing one of his hens squawking.  He arose and hastily dressed and with revolver in hand, proceeded to investigate, but when he reached the coop, the disturber had made his escape.  Mr. Palmerton went back to bed, but it was not long before he was again disturbed and he again arose and took his lantern and revolver and on going into the horse barn, he saw the intruder peeking over a board at him.  Mr. Palmerton then proceeded to empty the contents of his revolver, which soon brought the animal to the floor dead.  It was only Barney Teachworth's pet coon that was looking for a chicken for a midnight lunch.

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