Friday, October 12, 2012

1925 White Bread

Whole grain and wheat breads seem to be all the rage -- or, should I say, the latest and greatest.  And white bread gets the boot.  But this is nothing new as noted by the following article published in the local newspaper in 1925.  That's nearly 90 years ago we were being told white bread is bad for us.  It makes me wonder if the local baker and grocery store owners started stocking different types of bread after this report came out.
And now . . .

I need a little help.  I would love to have you comment on what you would like to see on this website.  I love all of the rich history of Fowlerville and I have two notebooks full of stories to tell.  But is that what YOU want to see?

Do you want random articles -- mixing up the years?  Would you like to see more articles of a general nature?  Is it easier to read 10 articles in a row for a particular year?

Or, do I change nothing and keep doing what I've done since February of 2009?

Your comments would be greatly appreciated and would help me in the future.

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Keep doing what you're doing