Thursday, October 18, 2012

1921 Bandits Plead Not Guilty

Howell, June 16 -- For the final time since their arrest on May 26, the four Italian bandits, George Fornelli, Anthony Valenti, Sinegrands Findo and John Conti, Jr., were brought here from the Oakland county jail at Pontiac Wednesday and arraigned before Judge Joseph H. Collins, sitting in the Livingston county circuit court here, on the charge of assaulting and robbing Miss Christian Schnaible, aged maiden lady, in her home last May, also of robbing the Schnaible home of some $5,000 in bank certificates.

The first time they were brought for a hearing before Justice R.D. Roche and demanding an examination were later brought back for the same, each time being accompanied by seven or eight members of the state police and several of the local officers and were brought into the court room Wednesday, each handcuffed to an officer.

They were accompanied by their attorney, Mr. Webster, of Pontiac, and all four of the alleged bandits pleaded not guilty and were returned to the Pontiac jail until the next term of court when they will be returned here for trial.  The next regular term does not convene until the last of September but the judge thought best to call a special session the latter part of July which will probably be done.  The bail of $50,000 each which was fixed at their first hearing remains the same.

The above article, found in The Fowlerville Review, was a portion of a longer article reporting court proceedings.  If you check back to yesterday's article, you can read why these men were brought into court.

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