Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1992 Poster Upper Edge

The next portion of the advertisement poster is one part in from the upper right hand corner.  The businesses I can discern are:
~~Deaven's Wild Life Studio, est. 1986,
~~J. Mills Plumbing, quality work since 1977,
~~Fowlerville Machine Products, est. 1948,
~~Fowlerville Veterinary Clinc, est. 1934,
~~Lodden Technology Ltd., est. 1984, housed where Maria's School of Dance used to be located, 
~~The Grand Agency, est. 1948,
~~The Cox Law Firm, est. 1936,
~~Chiropractor Michael J. Murphy, D.C., Family Practitioners since 1949,
~~Dillingham Funeral Home, before the addition was built at the north side of the house,
~~The Penny Pincher, est. 1979,
~~Profiles, est. 1990,
~~Linda Walker, Attorney, est. 1982.
And then, across the bottom portion:
~~Cyndi's Country Crafts, est. 1989,
~~First Baptist Church, est. 1869,
~~Liverance Funeral Home, est. 1932,
~~S-J's Track Shack, antiques, collectibles, moccasins (located in the old Rounsville grain elevator at the railroad tracks),
~~Hughes Land Surveying, est. 1979, with Darryl Hughes doing a little surveying.

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