Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1905 Good Joke

Now that I've gotten up-to-date on e-mails sent to me, I've taken to browsing through some random history I have catalogued and will be posting articles for a while.  If anyone would like to send more e-mails, I'm always happy to post updates.

Thad Andrews was a milkman in the Fowlerville area, at one point having purchased a wagon and supplies from Joshua Dunn.  During an era when automobiles were occasionally coming through the village and the horse and carriage were still the staple for many, this article caught my attention: 

Good Joke~~Thad Andrews played a very nice little joke on himself on Wednesday.  He came to the village and hitched his horse near the Palmerton block and later had occasion to move the rig across the street.  He purchased a new coat and finding a rig hitched where he first left his rig, he absentmindedly put the coat in the carriage.  Later he remembered what he had done and went after his coat, but the rig was gone.  A little later Fred Abbott telephoned to A.R. Miner's store, where the coat was purchased, that upon reaching his home and unloading his purchases from his carriage, he found himself in possession of a new coat.

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