Friday, October 26, 2012

1992 Poster Left side of Middle

Here is the next portion of the poster.  The next few shots range across the middle of this piece of artwork.

North (or east) of the Red Cedar river shows:

~~Great Lakes Tree Service, Inc., est. 1986,
~~Cross Roads Apostalic, est. 1969, Howell, Mi,
~~Designed and Illustrated by Michael & Renee Wren, 1992,
~~Epley Excavating, est. 1987,
~~Culver Excavating & Trucking, est. 1976,
~~Culver Construction, est. 1978,
~~Bailey Homes, Inc., est. 1987, and
~~Gladiator Pizza Shoppe at the Keg & Cork Party Shoppe.

South (or west) of the Red Cedar river shows:

~~The Asphalt Doctor, est. 1989,
~~Gordon & Diane Norris, est. 1974,
~~Joe Raica Excavating, est. 1978, and
~~a few buildings of the historical village at the fair grounds.

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