Friday, February 11, 2011

1894 Rail Fence

Inventions and patents were coming to the Fowlerville area fast and furiously -- and, in particular, by many of their very own residents. E.R. Brower had a few patents and he was also instrumental in helping out others with patents as evidenced by a couple short blurbs found in The Fowlerville Review in the early summer of 1894.

E.R. Brower has purchased the patent in the townships of Iosco and Stockbridge for building the 'best rail fence on earth.'


F.E. Wood is the patentee of a rail fence that seems to meet the approval of the farmers of this vicinity as several have already purchased farm rights for its construction. He has a sample of the fence near Brower's blacksmith shop and it may be well worth the time of our farmer friends to investigate its merits, as you can use your old rails to good advantage and at but very little expense.

A few weeks later,

Frank Dingman has purchased the patent for the township of Conway for F.E. Wood's wire bound rail fence, a section of which may be seen at Brower's blacksmith shop. The farmers are becoming very much interested. Mr. Wood still has other territory for sale.

And, it continued,

M. Luce has purchased the patent for the townships of Marion and Putnam for Wood's wire bound rail fence. A large quantity of this fence is being built in this township and it seems to just about meet the wants of the farmer.

Within a year, numerous brands of wire fencing came to the area; one of which included the Standard wire fence.

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