Monday, February 21, 2011

1895 W.H. Peek

A year earlier, W.H. Peek began another newspaper in the area, known as The Fowlerville Observer. He also took on any form of printing jobs that were available and not already scooped up by G.L. Adams of The Fowlerville Review.

The two papers seemed to work in respectful co-existence, as shown in a few articles in The Review regarding Mr. Peek. At some point, I'll see what I can find out about The Observer and publish some of those articles. For now, here are a couple of some mishaps of Mr. Peek's:

As W.H. Peek was returning from Webberville on Saturday, the horse became frightened and commenced to kick and run. The reach broke, letting the rear wheels loose from the carriage and as Will did not like that kind of traveling, he rolled out and let the animal go. He was somewhat bruised, but nothing serious in its results. Editors are hard fellows to kill anyway.


Editor Peek met with an accident, at Howell, on Monday. He was passing an alley as a team was driving across with some gas pipe reaching quite a distance behind the wagon and Mr. Peek thought there was room for him to pass, when the wagon struck a stone and the pipe struck him in the stomach, giving him quite a blow.

Late in the year, W.H. Peek moved his office to the Bean Block.

In more hard times that befell Mr. Peek, it was reported in the Williamston Enterprise and then reprinted in The Fowlerville Review: As W.H. Peek, of Fowlerville, was riding into town on a bicycle on Monday returning from Lansing to his home, he met with an accident. He started to follow the walk in the west part of town and his wheel slipped, throwing him on to a picket fence, severely injuring him about the chest and arms.

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