Friday, February 18, 2011

1894 S.A. Nichols

S.A. Nichols is the inventor of several ingenious machines but his latest invention promises to be one of the most successful of them all. It is a street sweeper that takes the dirt from the street without dust and loads it into a wagon ready for drawing away and only requires the use of two horses. We understand he has sold one to the city of Detroit for $1,000. We hope Seth has struck it rich this time.

Once again, I came across another industrious individual living in early Fowlerville as I culled all of the information I have found on microfilm of the old newspapers for the area.

The roads in Fowlerville were always a matter of frustration, with them either being muddy or rutted or nearly impassable. It would cause numerous problems getting product to market or for those wanting to come into town to do shopping.

In the late 1800s, did a street sweeper really make a difference or was it more for appearances?

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