Thursday, February 3, 2011

Squint Shot 020311

And now we move onto a whole new series of squint shots -- these will be of the red house at the southwest corner of South Collins Street and East Grand River. Some may remember the Kuhn name, but probably more would remember one of this house's more famous residents -- Nellie Glenn and her husband, Dr. Glenn. Nellie Glenn became the village's historian, albeit probably unofficially, over the years until her death at the age of 90 in 1975. A great deal of her writings can be found in the Fowlerville Historical Collection.

This house was also owned, at one time by Patti Reis, who did a great deal of work renovating and refurbishing this house. Currently, it is rental property. But now, onto the squint shots of this house. I was given permission to wander at my leisure through the house and photograph to my heart's delight. It was vacant in the late fall of 2010 so I was able to see some of the unique features of the inside, unadorned with furniture, pictures, drapes, etc. Today's picture starts with the moment I pulled into the driveway off of South Collins Street, and looked at this outbuilding. The following shows a 1922 surveyor's map -- the house is at the right side of the map, with the garage shown below it. In the early years of Fowlerville, the buggy manufacturing operation of Turner & Archer was located at this corner. Eventually those buildings were relocated.

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