Monday, February 7, 2011

1895 Prepared Glue

In 1895, numerous debates, meetings, and opinion articles on the discussion of saloon closings cluttered the local newspaper; but in and amongst all of this controversy other blurbs spoke on progress in the village. One such article discussed another invention by a local merchant, G.D. Hamilton, furniture maker.

Almost everybody knows about G.D. Hamilton's prepared glue but there may be several of our readers who have not used it and on that account we call your attention to the fact that he has an advertisement in this paper setting forth its merits. He manufactures the article right here in Fowlerville and has worked up a large foreign sale of the glue just upon its merit alone, never havingn done any advertising. Ask any of the merchants about it and they will tell you that it will do all he claims for it. Take a bottle home with you and try it and you will find it so handy you will not do without it.

Who knew?!

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