Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1909 Wickman Store

When I was doing research for The Fowlerville Chronicles, I came across this picture. Based on information and date on the back of the print, which referred to the picture being taken from the Wickman & Minkley enterprise, I placed it in the book at the end of the 1909 chapter. The view is looking to the northeast from what was then the Bell Opera House on the second floor of the building which now houses Maria's School of Dance. Now, with all of this explanation -- the reason I am posting this picture is due to a short article I found in The Fowlerville Review under the year 1895. I am now wondering if this picture was appropriately placed under 1909 or should have been shown earlier in the book. Here is the article:
A.J. Wickman has rented the vacant store under the Bell opera house, which he has made headquarters for the distribution of binder twine.

G.L. Adams would promote them in the local section, especially since they would run paid advertisements elsewhere in the paper. One such article, found in an 1896 issue, read, Wickman & Minkley have a new illustrated advertisement this week which will attract your attention. Their goods and prices will also attract your attention if you call on them. They would also advertise "hot weather shoes" -- whatever those were -- sandals?

I may find, as I continue to go through research materials, Wickman and Minkley went into further business enterprises and were still at the same location into the 1900s.

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