Monday, February 14, 2011

1894 Rounsville Elevator

The Rounsville name started appearing in the Fowlerville area sometime in the late 1870s (much of which can be found in my book, The Fowlerville Chronicles beginning with 1878) and by 1894, G.L. Adams reported on improvements being made at the grain elevator at the railroad tracks:

F.G. Rounsville is building a fine wheat elevator and storage building for wool, etc., just south of the railroad and in the rear of his office. The building will be 20x50 with 18-foot posts.

In 1909, a "cyclone" hit Fowlerville and ruined the top of the grain elevator. In my book, numerous pictures of the devastation at the railroad tracks can be seen, including the top portion of the grain elevator sitting upside-down by the tracks.

Mr. Rounsville's name can be found throughout numerous issues of The Fowlerville Review. Doing just a cursory look in 1898, I found the following announcements he would make for the Fowlerville lodge, F.&A.M.:

There will be a special communication of Fowlerville lodge, F.&A.M., on Tuesday evening next, August 9, for work.~~F.G. Rounsville, Master.

There will be a special communication of Fowlerville lodge, F.&A.M., on Tuesday evening, August 30, for degree work and for the transaction of very important business. All members are requested to be present as far as possible.~~F.G. Rounsville, W.M.
In addition, as I spent a great deal of time at the Michigan Library in Lansing, I found a small pamphlet that was published in 1936. One of the pictures in this booklet showed the following picture of "F.G. Rounsville and his pony when he was a boy." Unfortunately, there are two young lads in the carriage and we don't know which one is Frank.

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I would suspect that Frank Rounsville would have the reigns in hand as it was his rig and pony.