Monday, February 14, 2011

Squint Shot 021411

In the old house at the corner of East Grand River and South Collins Street there is artistry in the wood floors. Fortunately, as the years have gone along and the house has been updated and refurbished, the uniqueness of the floors has been saved. Both of these floors can be found on the first floor of the house.

If you head back a few days, you will see other pictures of this old house once owned by Nellie Glenn and her doctor husband. Mrs. Glenn promoted Fowlerville in wonderful ways by preserving the history of this village with type-written pages that are now safely stored in the village office's historical collection.

As with the usual schedule, I will be at the village offices this Tuesday morning at 9 am if anyone would like to check out what we have. If no one shows up, I usually bail around 10 am; if someone shows up, 10:30. Hope to see you there.

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