Monday, February 28, 2011

1895 Gossip

The Fowlerville Review was always ripe with information of comings and goings, but it also would sometimes be the place to squelch hurtful rumors and gossip. Following are a couple instances:

Mrs. J.C. Dickinson desires us to say to the gossips of this place who have reported that she recently went west to see her son hung that she did not go farther than Detroit and that the said son is still a resident of Silver City, Idaho, as letters of a very recent date written by him will show.


A Correction~~These are the days when the air is full of all kinds of reports, when one cannot believe 'anything they hear and half they see.' A man recently made a public statement that he would not trade with any merchant who advertised in this paper. He was told that A.R. Miner advertised in the Review and thereupon said he would stop trading with Mr. Miner. It so happened that Mr. Miner discontinued his advertisement that same week and the two incidents were connected together and the report went out that Mr. Miner drew out his advertisement because of the threat. While on this subject, for in all probability we shall not allude to it again, unless necessity seems to demand it, we will simply say that representatives of the liquor business in Fowlerville have been to one merchant that we know of and tried to get him to withdraw his patronage from this paper, without any success, however.

Mr. Miner desires to publish the following notice:

To whom it may concern:

Someone has circulated the story that the saloon men came to me and said unless I took my advertisement out of the Review, they should not trade with me. I wish it distinctly understood that none of them has said a word to me about such a thing.

A.R. Miner

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