Monday, February 28, 2011

Squint Shot 022811

And now the best part of the whole tour through the old Nellie Glenn house. I was told before heading into the house to be sure to look in every cupboard. Not sure what that meant, I kind of dismissed it -- until I arrived in the back room. What appeared to be a laundry room/pantry. Then I noticed cupboards, floor to ceiling. My curiosity was aroused.

I opened a couple doors and found empty shelves. Then the third opened door revealed something very interesting, and even a little heart-rendering. In all the years and through all the renovations, repainted walls, and repairs, one rectangle of has never been painted over. Following is the full picture, and then the left side, and then the right side. Nellie Glenn, the wife of Dr. B.H. Glenn, became Fowlerville's historian over the years in the mid-1900s, passing away in 1975. The above etchings show her statistics recorded on the inside of a cupboard door after she had been widowed and remained in the area.

She was well-known for inviting those interested to learn and discuss Fowlerville history into her home, and the few I have spoken with that knew her speak very highly of her as a "true lady." I will always be grateful to her for her diligence in recording so many memories and facts, so many of which can be found in the Fowlerville Historical Collection in the village office.

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