Monday, September 24, 2012

1950 Albert Monaghan

As I furiously took notes down while having a conversation and breakfast with a long-time resident of Fowlerville, he spoke about one of the printers at The Fowlerville Review in the mid-1900s.  His name was Albert Monaghan (maybe spelled Monahon), a Scot.

If you pick up and read a copy of my book, Through the Eyes of a Country Editor, you can find out so much about that paper, especially from 1874-1929.  G.L. Adams loved to write about himself, his wife, his life, and his employees.  Albert must have come after that time as I don't remember seeing his name.

But anyhow, back to my reader's memory.  Albert worked the printer for the paper and lived not too far from the downtown area.  He would walk most days to and from work, but he did buy a car.  He owned a 1936 Pontiac and, according to my reader, this car never saw a drop a rain.  If the weather looked iffy, it stayed under cover.

Can you even begin to wonder how great that car must have looked never seeing some of Michigan's harsh weather?!?  Out of curiosity, I googled an image of a 1936 Pontiac.  Here's one picture I found:

If anyone remembers Albert, I would love to have you leave a comment or e-mail me directly and I'll add an update at some point.

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