Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1961 Recap of The Fowlerville Review

The above article is a quick recap of The Fowlerville Review history.  I don't know a great deal of other small town papers but I do know this local newspaper was absolutely wonderful.  When G.L. Adams and Willard H. Hess began this paper in 1874, it was their goal to record the town's activities, events, business openings and successes (and sometimes failures), and a full history of life in Fowlerville.
In my research for The Fowlerville Chronicles, I became intrigued with G.L. Adams and my second book, titled Through the Eyes of a Country Editor, chronicles his life and the times from 1874-1929.  Fifty-five years.  That's a long time!  And a lot of history.
But the telling of the village didn't end at 1929, but the tradition was followed.  Through 1972, The Fowlerville Review gave a comprehensive reporting of the town's ups and downs.  Fortunate for us researchers, copies of the newspaper can be found on microfilm, housed at the Howell library.
Maybe sometime I'll have it in me to write a book on the village from 1930-1972, but for now, if you are interested in the late 1800s and early 1900s, check out Through the Eyes of a Country Editor.  Copies are available for purchase or you can check it out at our local library.

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