Monday, September 3, 2012

1961 Art and Joyce Barber Shop

Above is a congratulatory advertisement found in the 125th celebration special edition of The Fowlerville Review.  I am not sure where their barber and beauty shop was located so I would love for someone to leave a comment to help out all of us.

Next to the ad, on page 15 of this edition, was a short article regarding pioneer migration.  The Fowlers came west from New York looking for land to cultivate and farm.  As I've done research, numerous early settlers came this far then moved on to the Dakotas and beyond.  Some headed to the southwest and settled in Arizona.  Quite a few went as far as California looking for their riches or in some case, better health.

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Anonymous said...

Art and Joyce Schlosser were the owners, it was at 109 East Grand River in 1962. Not sure where they were in 1961.