Thursday, September 20, 2012

1965 "Waffles" McPherson

A reader's memory:

At the southeast corner of East Grand River and South Collins -- the building that used to house Hill's Sporting Goods -- Grill's Mobile gas station operated.  Across Grand River, a Citgo gas station was in the now empty building, formerly Livingston Springs.

Back in the mid-1960s, this reader's dad would be working on a car in one of the bays of the Citgo station, and, on occasion, he would get mad about something or bump his head.  As a result of his anger, he would sometimes toss a tool out the building and it might skid across Grand River and land in the parking lot of Grill's.

About once a month, Mr. Grill would gather up the tools in a box, walk across the road with them, and impress upon "Waffles" -- as he was nicknamed -- to quit throwing his tools.

Makes one wonder how many tools never made it back across the street!

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