Sunday, September 23, 2012

1962 I-96 Expressway

In 1962, more of I-96 was finished, connecting Lansing to Howell to Detroit with Fowlerville somewhere in the middle.  Following are four pictures during the construction period south of Fowlerville offered by Ann Utter of her collection of family and miscellaneous photographs:

This last picture was published in The Lansing State Journal for the dedication in 1962:

With the expressway completed, the village limits were extended farther south on South Grand from about where MEGA Surveying (formerly Hughes Surveying) is now to the highway, and everything along South Grand was zoned commercial.
One of the memories offered up by one of my readers was of a house formerly located in the now-empty lot north of MEGA where the owner sold eggs.  He would gather eggs wholesale from area growers and then sell locally. 
For those of you that may remember when the highway was being constructed, two farms were on the north side -- the Frank Chapman farm about where Fowlerville Farms restaurant is now located and the Harry Calkins farm where the hotel and Wal-Mart are now located.

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