Sunday, July 31, 2011

1896 Election Bet

It would appear sometimes the voting public agreed to disagree on who was the best candidate during an election. In the following article, published by the editor of the local newspaper, a friendly bet ensued and the winner had the pleasure of being pushed in a wheelbarrow through the streets of the village by the loser:

A Novel Sight~~The payment of an election bet caused considerable merriment upon the streets of this village on Saturday afternoon. James Reece and O.P. Laycox made an agreement before election to wheel the one whose candidate was elected from the postoffice to the Bean opera house and back, and in accordance with the agreement, Laycox appeared on Saturday with his wheelbarrow. Reece took his place on the carriage, carrying a banner bearing the words, "The pusher of this cart voted for Bryan," and the procession headed by the kid martial band, made the trip in grand style, cheered by the large crowd through which they had to pass, and arrived without incident at the starting point.

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