Saturday, July 30, 2011

Squint Shot 073011

I have one more "then and now" squint shot. While I was working on the self-guided walking tour brochure, Mike Grimm provided the ca. 1910 picture of the the house (left side) which would eventually become the Vogt Funeral Home at 223 North Grand Avenue. Originally we were going to include a modern-day picture of this house -- which is now divided into apartments -- in the brochure, so I took a picture. So here are two pictures -- enjoy . . . Rumor has it -- and so far I haven't really found anything to substantiate this -- but a couple of long-time residents have mentioned this may have been a brothel at one time. I have come across articles in early issues of The Fowlerville Review of some goings-on, problems, and even some litigation, but never a location. If anyone knows when this house was built, I may be able to go back in old issues of the paper and glean a bit more information. Anyone?

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