Friday, July 8, 2011

1907 Isabelle Horton

In 1907, G.L. Adams of the local newspaper would report on the comings and goings of Isabella Horton. The Horton name can be found nearly back to the beginning of the settlement of this area; many making names for themselves as farmers, train depot masters, community leaders, and working in the ministry. Ms. Horton lived in Chicago, serving residents in need there, and also wrote three books. At least one of those books can be found in the Fowlerville Historical Collection.

Following is a short description of one of her visits to the village:

Isabelle Horton occupied the pulpit at the M.E. church on Sunday morning and was greeted by a large audience of her old friends who were glad of the opportunity to again listen to her. The address was replete with good things and the time was only too short for her to give any detailed description of her work in the Chicago M.E. Institutional church which is being recognized as about the most helpful in that city.

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