Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1930 Tomion's Dairy

More reminices from Walt Tomion's grandson --

While Walt was attending Alma College, he spent summers working at the Detroit Creamery and really liked the work. To continue,

He liked the business so much that he apparently had expressed the desire to his dad that he might like to start his own dairy business given the opportunity. Following up on Walt's comment about starting his own business, he dad called him at school sometime during the following year (Walt's junior year at Alma) and told him that a couple of buildings were becoming available in Fowlerville (his father owned a lot of commercial real-estate in Fowlerville at that time) and that if he really wanted to start his own business he could use one of those buildings, but he would have to make a decision right away otherwise he could proceed to lease the building out. After considering the opportunity offered by his father, Walt accepted the deal but asked his father if he would wait another 6-8 weeks so that he could finish out the school year. His dad agreed and that was the beginning of Tomion's Dairy in Fowlerville Michigan. Although he never regretted starting the business, Walt often expressed regret to his kids that he didn't finish his senior year at Alma and earn his Bachelor's degree.

The above picture was labeled as being taken behind the store.

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