Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1905 Random Local News

I love picking out a page from the local news and just reading through it -- it is so terribly random that I sometimes have wondered if the editor just set up the type as he received the news.  Here's an example from a late June, 1905, issue of The Fowlerville Review:

The latest in Fire Works at Pratt Brothers.

Williamston will hold a matinee on Tuesday, July 4.  Ball games and horse racing.

Mr. Gus Klein will please accept our thanks for a liberal supply of fine green peas.

Get your Fire Works.  Guns, Flags, etc. at Pratt Brothers.

Rev. W.W. Benson and wife of Bennington, are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Bert Pratt.

It is reported that a turtle weighing 100 pounds has been caught in Bennett Lake, in Deerfield.

Water Melons, New Potatoes for Saturday at Pratt Bros.

Thomas Reece and wife of Dimondale, were called here this week to attend the funeral of Mrs. Julius Wilcox.

William Gould of Mason, visited relatives and friends here last week and attended the reunion of his regiment in Howell.

Try our Panama Hats 22 cents and 35 cents, Boys and Children's Hats all kinds at Pratt Brothers.

A postal card from F.J. Cook June 23, locates himself and wife at Yellowstone Park admiring its beauties and wonderful natural scenery.

Low prices on Shirt Waist Goods at Pratt Brothers.

Clyde Pullen found a little lamb stranded on a bog near the river one day this week.  There were no sheep anywhere in sight and as the little animal was almost starved, he brought it home and is caring for it.

Edward Milett opened his restaurant and ice cream parlors in the new Fisher block on Saturday and everything presents a very pleasing appearance.  Mrs. Milett will also assist him and both will give their many friends a cordial welcome.

Interesting how often Pratt Brothers added their two-cents worth.  I would imagine those were paid advertisements.  Pratt Brothers were located for a time in the Palmerton block (now the Harmon building).  The following year, this was found:

Farm for sale, terms to suit purchaser.  One-half mile from store, coal mines and railroad.  Two and one-half miles from good town.  No waste land, all dark loam soil.  Will exchange for village property here.~~Pratt Bros.

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