Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 Cemetery Walk

Barb Thumudo, a fifth-generation resident of the village, gave a wonderfully informative presentation at Greenwood Cemetery this afternoon. She focused on a select few of the early pioneers -- Metcalfs, Fowlers, Palmertons, Benjamins, Rounsvilles, Waltons, Adams, Straws, Handys, and Tanners.
She showed the family ties between the Fowlers, Benjamins, and Palmertons, and showed similarities between the Rounsvilles and Waltons. Barb spoke about how Mr. and Mrs. G.L. Adams (newspaper man) and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Straws (barber) were buried close to each other, both couples childless, and how their leadership impacted the area. She told the story of how John Tanner served in the Civil War.

It was humid and hot -- at least 95 degrees -- but she pulled it off cool as a cucumber! Thank you, Barb, for your hard work behind the scenes to present such an interesting program.

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