Friday, July 1, 2011

1901 City Opera House

The following blurb was found in the local newspaper:

A movable raised floor has been constructed in that part of the city opera house not occupied by the reserved seats which will make that part of the house much more desirable than in the past.

And then numerous articles were printed but no mention of this new floor, such as,

~~Be sure and remember the annual senior social, entertainment and banquet at the City opera house on Friday evening, Feb. 8.

~~The Democratic electors of the township of Handy will meet in caucus at the City opera house Saturday, Feb. 23, 1901, at 2:00 p.m., for the purpose of electing 13 delegates to the county convention which is called for February 25, 1901, to nominate one commissioner of schools and to elect delegates to the state convention; and to transact any business that may come before the caucus.

~~Go and hear the Apollo Pianola, self-playing piano attachment, at the City opera house next Monday evening.

The City Opera house was located on the second floor of what is now the Handy Township building. The Bell Opera house, which has been mentioned numerous times throughout this site, was located above what is now Olden Days and a portion of Maria's Dance School.

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