Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 Museum Baseball Jerseys

There have been so many wonderful items put on display at the museum I have not even had the time to post all of them. This weekend will be one of those I'll be on overload but as the events wind down, and we start to think about dismantling everything we've shown, I will post more pictures.

As the weekend begins, though, I wanted to start things off with pictures of two old-time jerseys. The first is when Don's Tavern sponsored a team and, the second, from Blackmer's Clothier. Both are surprisingly heavy, thick cotton -- makes me wonder what it was like to play in these.
The museum will be available for wandering through until the week of July 11 and then we will start putting the historical collection items back in the village office and asking those that put items on display to pick them up.

On another note, as interest in the celebration has heightened and more are reading this website, I've had various residents contact me with pictures and items for me to photograph. I so appreciate both that readers are willing to share their treasures and that my numbers are up on this website readership. With those thoughts, be sure to keep checking back long after the celebration because I have so-o-o much to post!

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