Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1906 State Bank of Fowlerville

The State Bank of Fowlerville was located in the newly-constructed southeast quadrant, after a devastating fire a couple years earlier which took out all of the wooden structures. As the nation went through its ups and downs with the economy, trust in banks may have been at an all-time low; thus the following article found in The Fowlerville Review:

A bank is simply a financial institution, a place of trust. Its safety and success depends entirely on the ability of its management, and its financial strength. Its financial strength is simply the financial strength of its stockholders. The following gentlemen are stockholders in The State Bank of Fowlerville:

Charles E. Dunston, J.S. Briggs, J.L. Cooper, J.B. Fuller, F.G. Rounsville, G.E. Hyne, S.L. Bignall, A.J. Wickman, G.A. Marsh, Alex McPherson, William Kuhn, L.F. Peet, John C. Ellsworth.

A short time later, a business card sized advertisement in the paper spoke of, We have money to loan on real estate security at 5 per cent per annum. We can arrange your loan without delay and on liberal terms of payment. When in need of money, give us a call. ~~The State Bank of Fowlerville

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