Thursday, July 28, 2011

1912 Accidents and Injuries

Accidents and injuries would become common knowledge if the editor of the local newspaper got wind of them. From flying potatoes, to tripping on steps, to horse and wagon accidents -- this is just a sampling:

F.G. Rounsville, son of C.D. Rounsville, has recently discovered that he had a broken nose. A few days since, while at play, Kern Cunningham threw a frozen potato and struck F.G. on the nose. The injured member kept sore and swollen until he had the doctor examine it and discovered that it was broken.

And then a few weeks later,

W.H. Peek had a very narrow escape from a serious injury by a fall on Friday evening at the Vaudette. He was just going to the little room to operate the film for the pictures and, as he reached the top step, became dizzy and fell to the bottom, a distance of about six feet, breaking one of his ribs. He was taken to his home on a sleigh and Dr. J.A. McGarvah reduced the fracture. He had a very narrow escape and is congratulating himself that it is no worse.


As Scott Humphrey, accompanied by Ernest Reyhl, was returning home from attending the Masonic lodge in this village Tuesday evening, after the street lights were turned off, the carriage ran over a pile of gravel at the roadside, to be used for covering the oil on the streets, and was overturned, throwing the men ou t, but fortunatelly not injuring them. The horse made for home and S.T. Blackmer took the men home in his auto.

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