Saturday, July 16, 2011

1910 Len Gehringer

Len Gehringer of Iosco, was bringing a cow to this village Tuesday morning when the animal pulled the rack in some way, throwing Mr. Gehringer to the ground and injuring him quite painfully, but fortunately not seriously.

This very short article was found in The Fowlerville Review and I am wondering if this Mr. Gehringer would have been related to The Flash -- Charlie Gehringer. I would almost imagine it is so but genealogy has not been my strong suit in doing all of this research. Within the Fowlerville Historical Collection, there is a large three-ring binder labeled with this last name. As I will be there at the village offices at 9 until 10 or 10:30 -- if anyone else would like to do research -- I may just have to take a few minutes and check out the Gehringer information.

Update later, unless anyone has some information they would like to comment on . . .

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Mike G said...

You had to know I'd be chiming in on this one.

Len Gehringer was Charlie's dad. At the time of the article he would have been about 60 years old.