Saturday, July 30, 2011

1909 Wonder Worker

In my research for the biography, I find myself reading nearly every article and advertisement -- mostly because it is just plain fun. In the spring of 1909, I started noticing references made to the miracles of "Wonder Worker" so, of course, googling being my favorite source for information, I found this picture:

Look at the box label, it takes care of "sores, wounds, cuts and abrasions, harness galls, scratches and thrust." So, obviously, it is a wonder ointment for both humans and horses!

Following are some of the articles I found in the local newspaper:

The Wonder Worker is guaranteed to remove stains and dirt from any garment. 25 cents at the Racket (The Racket was now owned and operated by Holt and Hart. As another side note, Holt and Hart were also responsible for many of the early 1900 photographs that are now stored in the Fowlerville Historical Collection, with many of them being made into postcards in later years.)

And, Have you tried the Wonder Worker at Holt and Hart's Racket?

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