Saturday, July 2, 2011

Squint Shot 070211

Today starts a series of indoor squint shots of the west portion of Chase bank, a two-story building in the southeast quadrant, the third storefront in from the corner. Some may remember that as one of the early Harmon Real Estate locations, or Tait's, or Stirling Douglass' business, or as appearing to be empty for a long time.

The current owner of that building graciously allowed me, and wandered around with me, in the second floor after we climbed a very long and tall stairway. One of the first things to catch my eye was the candilevered window over a doorway from a hallway into what may have been an office at one time. I have two squint shots today to show (1) the hallway side, and then (2) the room side with the mechanism to open the window.

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