Monday, May 30, 2011

1885 Lawyer Joke

Sometimes the editor of The Fowlerville Review, G.L. Adams, would reprint articles he would find in other newspaper received in their offices. Some were good advice, others were warnings of swindlers and frauds, many might be heartfelt, and others funny. I'm not sure where this one fits in but it was definitely worth adding to this site:

There is said to be one lawyer in heaven. How he got there is not positively known, but it is conjectured that he passed himself off for an editor and slipped in unsuspected. When his dodge was discovered, they searched the realms of felicity in all their length and breadth for another lawyer to draw the papers for his ejectment, but they couldn't find one and, of course, he held the fort.

Apologies to my lawyer friends, but this was just plain funny! And, interesting on another level that even back in the late 1800s lawyers were the brunt of many a joke.

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