Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1970 Tired Burglar

Burglar Falls Asleep in Braun Cleaners~~A sleeping burglar was awakened Saturday morning by Mrs. Edward Braun, and when he tried to escape, was caught by neighbors.

Ronald Porter of Free Street called the Livingston County Sheriff Department at 8 am, reporting the breaking and entering of Braun's Cleaners and informing the deputy that a suspect was being held by Mrs. Braun at the cleaners.

Patrick Jones, 17 of Windsor, Ontario, was taken to the Sheriff's Department in Howell. He stated he had been at a wedding party at the VFW Hall behind the cleaners, had been drinking and dancing and didn't know if he had been in the cleaners or not. Jones was wearing a jacket from the cleaners, belonging to a customer, with an identification tag still on the pocket. The pants to the suit were still handing at the cleaners.

The above article was printed in The Fowlerville Review, published by Richard Rudnicki, a couple of years before the Press & Argus took over publication of this paper. 

One has to wonder where Mr. Patrick Jones is all these years later, and if he has enjoyed similar wedding parties.

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