Thursday, May 19, 2011

1880 Wooden Wedding

While doing a great deal of research for the biography I am working on of G.L. Adams, the editor and publisher of The Fowlerville Review, described a happy occasion -- his and his wife's fifth year anniversary of their wedding in 1875. I decided not to include this in the book but this article definitely needed to be on this website. Mr. and Mrs. Adams were married for 55 years and, throughout all of my research, it seemed to be a very happy union; both of them very passionate for their causes and activities.

The celebration article follows:

The Wooden Wedding~~In accordance with invitations previously sent, about sixty persons assembled at the residence of ye editor on Friday evening last, it being the fifth anniversary of our married life, for the purpose of celebrating the event and having a good time. Just as the company had become nicely settled a noise, accompanied by several bright lights, was seen meandering down the street toward our diminuitive mansion, and upon arriving in front of the house the noise became suddenly hushed and sweet music from the Fowlerville Cornet Band filled the ear and hearts of the assembled company. After several pieces had been played, the band entered the house, when Mr. I.B. Turner, in behalf of the band, in a neat, little speech, presented the host and hostess with a nice, large rocking chair. The presents were both numerous and beautiful and will be cherished as mementos of the occasion. Refreshments were then served and the company proceeded to enjoy themselves in the usual manner. The company dispersed with many kind wishes for the future happiness of the host and hostess, from whose hearts time can never efface the pleasant memories of the fifth anniversary of their wedded life, and of the many kind friends who did them honor upon that occasion.

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