Thursday, May 12, 2011

1884 Head Thumping

About one o'clock on Saturday, Joseph Buckle thumped Geo. E. Coon on the head four times with a stone weighing about three-fourths of a pound tied up in a pocket handkerchief, cutting his scalp in several places, and had not the striker been so drunk, he might have done serious damage. Buckle was arraigned before Justice Pullen, a jury empaneled, and was found guilty and sentenced to 20 days in the county bastille or pay a fine. As the fine could not be raised, officer Hayner conducted him to Howell in the evening. The balance of Buckle's family were advised to remove to some more congenial climate and promptly complied with the request on Sunday evening.

So, did the Buckle family actually leave? In all of my research, I never did come across the name again so I think we can assume that happened. But, has anyone ever heard of this family?

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