Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011 Museum Implement Answer

The answer to the question posed yesterday on a unique-looking implement is it is a Monta lawn mower.  The Monta Mower Company was located in Traverse City, Michigan, with their sales office in Grand Rapids.  The MontaMower shown in our temporary museum was patented in 1923 and manufactured until about the late 1940s.  Before the shaped-wire handle was developed, a straight wooden handle (as shown in the ad below) was used for pushing the mower.  The company was gone, according to one website, by 1962.

According to an antique dealer answering questions through the Chicago Tribune newspaper, these mowers are valued at about $50-55 in today's market. 

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Dave said...

I bought one of these Monta Mowers today at a garage sale. Not sure what to do with it, just thought it was an interesting design. I was rusted and dirt between the teeth had it binding up. After about 1/2 hr I had it freed up. My first thought was a wallhanger at Cracker Barrel, but after finding out it had roots in Grand Rapids I might just give it to my daughter and son-in-law who just live outside of Grand Rapids.