Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011 Museum Fowlerville Review

There are so many reasons to check out the items on display at the temporary museum inside The Treasure Chest, and now another item has been put on show well worth checking out. 

I had the pleasure of sitting and talking with Dick Rudnicki, formerly the publisher and editor of The Fowlerville Review until 1972, and he brought along this framed replica of what the first issue, dated September, 1874, of The Fowlerville Review began by G.L. Adams, looked like. 

You can look at it up close and personal in the museum, and it is great fun trying to read the words backwards.  I know because I tried for a few minutes!
He also brought along some pictures of his father, Andrew, when he was the village president, as well as an original copy of a holiday edition of The Fowlerville Review in 1882.  The pictures of Mr. Rudnicki will be posted at a later date, but you can see the holiday edition at the museum.

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